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WASH stands for Water sanitation and hygiene which is a key public health issue especially in developing countries like ours. WASH especially works for the betterment of the people through better sanitation and good hygienic environment. Every year many people die due to water-borne diseases and in developing countries like ours, many people die due to unsafe water and poor hygienic environment. JGSS, a WASH leading organization of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal has been working with different other agencies like Oxfam, World Vision International, Caritas Germany/Nepal, UNICEF.W e work in hardware and software part which comprise construction and awareness regarding WASH issues. After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, the work in WASH has been more strengthened though we have to work in WASH previous to the earthquake. Following are the activities that we work under the WASH sector:

  • Latrine kit distributed as a support in latrines construction to 3438 earthquakes affected Households.
  • Constructed 49 water supply scheme in order to provide access to adequate and reliable safe drinking water.
  • In order to improve the health and learning performance of school children and reduce the incidence of water sanitation related diseases, latrine construction along with water supply and sanitation facilities at 19 schools where  3764 students were benefited.
  • WASH facilities provided to 40 schools (transitional learning center)
  • 5 Public latrines constructed.
  • ODF declaration of 5 former VDCs.
  • Orientation/Mobilization of Child Clubs for Hygiene Promotion.
  • 2000 Hygiene promotion sessions conducted at the community.