Off- Farm Training has changed the life of Naina

Naina Sunar sharpening the knives using improved
equipment provided during the training

Naina Sunar is a resident of the Indrawati Rural Municipality- 1, Seti Devi Dalit tole Simpal Kavre, Sindhupalchok. He belongs to a poor family in terms of lower caste discrimination, limited and low income living background. Forty five year old Mr. Sunar is physically disabled man who lost one of his legs. A Few years back, due to an infected wound he had to amputate his left leg. He had a failed marriage and after this incident, he did not marry. So, he lives alone in his house where he gets occasional help from his younger brother.

He is engaged in the traditional caste based occupation of working as a Blacksmith which is his only source of income. He used to work in a group with 4 other people working as blacksmiths as he did not have a machine.

Under the Livelihood and WASH Recovery Project supported by Caritas Germany/Caritas Nepal and implemented by Janahit Gramin Sewa Samittee, Naina had the opportunity to take part in Three Days Blacksmith Training provided in May 2018. After the training he was also supported with improved tool. Now, he uses the improved tools to continue his work as a skilled blacksmith.

Working with traditional tools was time consuming and difficult for him, but with the improved tools the work can be done in an organized way. Sharpening 5-6 knives in a day consume as much time as sharpening 2-3 knives with traditional methods. So, this also has increased his earnings.

He expresses, “I am glad I got the opportunity to be trained and enhance my skills to operate improved tools”.

Regain my Happiness

Lal Bahadur Kami, one of the beneficiareis of Barabishe housing program.

Regain my Happiness
“They are the bad memories. I don’t want to think about it anymore.” said Lal bahadur Kami remembers about the earthquake and that shattered house. “Now the days are bright for me”.
Lal bahadur kami, aged 76 is one of the residents of the house built by JGSS/Oxfam in Barabise Municipality-3, Khursanibari. He used to live in his own house in Gati VDC – 1, Khagdol with his wife Maan Kumari Kami. His 3 sons were living in their own separate houses. He used to work as a Black smith in the community for earning. But after the earthquake in 2015, his house and hopes were scattered witnessing that horror condition. He was forced to shift into the nearest safe place named Sotekhola in Barabise Municipality with his family under the temporary shelter. Life was harder for him and his family.
“I had not enough money to build the house on my own. As I am becoming older day by day, I am not able to work as hard as I used to do few years earlier. All my three sons are living separately and are suffering from the same condition. What could I do, I had no options and I had to manage many things on my own”, he said.
Under the Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project, JGSS with support from Oxfam implemented housing projects in Sindhupalchok district. With the discussion and demand from the Barabise Municipality, JGSS and Oxfam agreed to construct Earthquake resistant houses for 6 Dalit families including Lal bahadur Kami. Now all the 6 houses have been completed. Lal bahadur kami with his 3 families of sons are living together. Since then, he (Lal bahadur kami) has been able to live in his new house with his family.
He happily said,” Now I am pleased to live in this new house which is built strong and no need to worry about the earthquake. All of our families which may live separately in their own houses, but are living together in same place. To be able to bring in this situation, many thanks to this organization which not only built my house also regain my happiness.”