Poultry Farming to Sustain Day to Day Living

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Bikuli Tamang, a 50-year old, single woman, lives with her two daughters in Indrawati Gaupalika-1, Simpal Kavre, Sindhupalchowk. Altogether she has 4 daughters; two of them got married and are living with their husbands. Bikuli got married at the age of 18. Her husband used to work as a laborer where one day while working in a stone quarry, accidently the stones fell and became the cause of her husband’s death. This incident which happened 8 years ago changed the life of Bikuli, she lost her support system. Life only became tough after this incident; it was difficult for her to sustain her living.  Her daughters had to drop out from schools as she did not have enough money for their education. The misery was only added when her house collapsed during the devastating earthquake of 2015. It was difficult for her to earn money to sustain her living. Her only source of income was through traditional method of agriculture.

Under the Livelihood and WASH Recovery Project supported by Caritas Germany/Caritas Nepal and implemented by SIDEC and JGSS, Bikuli had the opportunity to take three days Poultry Farm Training provided in August 2017. After the training she was supported with 102 chicks for poultry farm. She invested NRs 34,000 for their grains and earned NRs 50,000 by selling it for the first time where she earned a profit of NRs 16,000. She was motivated to continue her chicken farm, so she started investing her money and bought 102 chicks for the second lot where she sold for NRs 39,000 and earned a profit of NRs 15,000. Now she has 102 chicks for the third lot. She is glad that she got the training and could learn and manage an alternative source of income to sustain her living. She is thankful towards JGSS for providing her support and showing her a path. In addition to that, the heater provided as an input support from JGSS is effective to protect the chicks from cold. She is motivated to continue her poultry farm and has plans to expand her business in the coming days.

Bikuli is satisfied with her new life. She had never thought she could invest in a poultry farm and earn her living. Smiling she says “Two of my daughters had to drop out from schools due to weak economic condition now I am investing the money earned from farm for the education of other two  daughters. Due to the support from JGSS my daughters are able to continue their education”.

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