Hem Bahadur Nepali: Living a dignified Life

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Hem Bahadur Nepali, aged 37 is a resident of Chautara Sangachowkgadi Municipality-1, Gunsa Tole Syaule, Sindhupalchowk. He lives in a family of four with his wife and two daughters.
His family belongs to poor family in terms of lower cast discrimination, limited and low income living background. The economic condition of his family was poor so three years ago, he flew abroad to earn money. He went to Malaysia as a laborer but he did not get proper job and could not earn and save money for his family. Thus he returned back and was unemployed for many months. Then he started working in his brother’s tailoring shop. They used to divide the money earned from the shop. So, in that case the earning was not enough for both of them. The earning was minimalistic and it was difficult for him to sustain his living.

Under the Livelihood and WASH Recovery Project supported by Caritas Germany/Caritas Nepal and implemented by SIDEC and JGSS.  Hem was supported with a tailoring machine. Now he has started tailoring work in the same cottage where he lives and sells the clothes and earns money. Monthly he earns NRs 10,000 by sewing and selling clothes. The money earned is used for his daily expenses to fulfill his basic needs and for his daughter’s education. Also, his wife is an active member of Swabalamban Saving’s group and saves money on a monthly basis. He is thankful for the support provided which changed his financial situation for the better. His plan is to expand his business and encourage other people in the community to work in our own country utilizing their skills.

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